Flooring Inspections

Inspections offered

Gary Hanson is a certified mill approved flooring inspector. He is certified under Flooring Consultants and Inspection Training Services (FCITS) and Flooring Inspection Training Services (FIST) of Dalton Georgia. He is also listed on the registry of Certified Carpet Inspectors Association (CCIA) located at www.fcits.org

Flooring inspections are performed for carpet manufacturers, carpet outlets, and consumers when there is a problem or question regarding installed flooring. Flooring concerns deal with product quality, product defects, warranty issues, installation defects, environmental conditions, and maintenance issues. If you feel you have a flooring issue, please call.

Gary Hanson investigates complaint, tests area of concern, samples and photos are taken, and a detailed report is produced. The report consists of findings and a conclusion based upon those findings.


Please call for a free estimate, there may be additional charges based on location and testing procedures required.