About G.L. Hanson

G. L. Hanson Carpet Cleaning Inc is a second generation cleaning and flooring service company. The company was established in 1945 by Grover L. Hanson. He initially offered a plant rug cleaning process, since most rugs were wool-based area rugs, and there was limited installed wall to wall carpet. As technology progressed and carpet manufacturers went to tufted backing and carpet face material like nylon, rayon, polyester, and cotton, installation of wall to wall carpet increased.

Our company was one of the first of four cleaning and installation companies in the Tampa Bay area and through superior customer service and innovation we have become an industry leader. Some of our accomplishments include cleaning and repairing oriental rugs and we also invented a spray moth proofing recipe to eliminate moths from eating and destroying wool carpets.

In 1978 Gary Hanson took over the family business from his father. Gary has maintained the high standards established by his father as well as those of the carpeting industry. Gary is a certified mill approved flooring inspector, investigating flooring and installation defects. Due to his effort and education the company has become a leader in low moisture commercial carpet cleaning. Our method of cleaning and grooming and maintaining carpet, using low moisture soil encapsulation process, has revolutionized commercial carpet maintenance. We strive to maintain customer satisfaction through hard work and cutting edge cleaning technology.